Network Engineering


    09 Month

About Course

In this era, businesses are increasingly dependent on IT infrastructure for mission-critical processes to achieve their goals. Organizations want to ensure that IT infrastructure is managed effectively and efficiently. To meet these business requirements, organizations are looking for IT professionals who can set up and manage IT infrastructure, scale up or down the IT infrastructure to meet the changing business needs and minimize downtime. These organizations require professionals who can manage their network and proactively handle configuration and security issues Post Graduate Diloma (PGD) in Hardware and Networking is meant for Graduates of any stream who are keen to gain skills in the areas of IT infrastructure solutions, such as PC Hardware Maintenance, Customer Support, Networking Support, and Data center support to provide round the clock service to the customers..

# PGP Content
1 Work Smart with MS Office and the Internet
2 Installing, Configuring, Managing, and Troubleshooting a PC
3 Fundamentals of Linux Operating System
4 Protocols and Internetworking Standards
5 Implementing JSF, Hibernate, and Spring in Java EE Applications
6 Installing, Configuring, and Troubleshooting a Windows Client
7 Installing & Configuring Windows Server OS
8 Professional Skills I
9 Interview Handling Skills
  • Completed B.Sc degree.
  • Able to interact in English in a classroom environment.
  • Comfortable working in the Windows environment

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  • Configuring windows PC
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  • Protocols and internetworking stanards
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  • Understand basic troubleshooting methodology.
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